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Here we are, we have been behind the stage of the latest video produced by VinileMGR, to present the last song of Mario Marco Farinato.

Mario Marco Farinato is an Italian singer, winner of multiple awards in the Italian scenario, plays his guitar in lap-tapping, winner of the last edition of “TieniIlPalco” Mario Farinato his now working on the stage of his next video, which is amazing, shot in 3 different continents, to ship the material at Hawaii the VinileMGR had to use 3 cargo air plains.


They went then to Bahamas to shot another part of the video, and the VinileMGR created a fake “statue of Liberty” in plastic (you can see in the background of the pictures) in honor of Donald Trump.

Next location is “a secret” but rumors suggest that they will fly with all the crew to New Zealand for a final 30 seconds of video.

Interview with the singer

Well, just returned from New-York where he received an award for best video of the year…. Mario Farinato is here to tell us about his work

M.F. — Well… man it was fantastic, we traveled all over the world, with 3 cargo air planes, was just impressive to see how many people was involved, i really have to thank them for the great job.

Blog — So what’s the message you would like to “promote” with this last production

M.F. — Well.. man.. environment is important, we have to make an effort to save it. It’s our Home.. c’mon man??

Blog — Yes definitely.. who would disagree?? But tell us about the fake Statue of Liberty, was it challenging to built it?

M.F — Yeeaaaaa (laughing) it was awful.. my God, we had to left the statue on location, because it was to expansive to rent another cargo, moreover… the tourist won’t they. I repeat, our environment is top of our agenda

Blog — Last thing you would like to say to our readers?

M.F. — Yes man.. Peace&LUUUUVV ( little laugh)