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This is a very sad story, i wrote it in Italian but no one gives a shit in my country, actually, they would give a shit if I would have the chance to promote and talk freely about this problem, but a very strong corruption created by lobbies in Italy, as in the rest of the world as well, do not let us (activists) “speak” to tell the truth about this horrible “killing machine” called “Pollution”

How pollution kills

We need to understand one important thing about particulate matter. It is not global warming that generates them, but climate change makes P.M. more lethal. The first logical conclusion is to imagine that particulate matter has an effect on our “breathing system.” in reality affects the heart and its surrounding blood vessels. The risk of cardiac abnormalities may increase with increase of particulate matter. Unfortunately the most polluted area in the world is Europe, more unfortunate, in within Europe the primate for pollution goes to Italy.

This is my daughter, she was 11 years old when she died from pollution, she lived closed to a Highway, and that’s mainly the problem. Cars and trucks release in the air, not only ” exhaust fumes ” but also dust, from brakes, from movement of pistons, All of these “polluting” agents release in the air in a mix of lethal dust. This lethal dust lingers in the environment forever. In other words even brakes from a bicycle pollutes as a much as a car.

Lene, (this is the name of my daughter) had a normal asthma attack that day, it was April of 2010, as usual, nothing major, we gave her “ventolin” but something went wrong, in a few seconds the amount of “dust” accumulated in her little body caused a “chain reaction” all of the sudden Lene’s blood was forced into her throat, causing major violent coughing, breaking the blood up into tiny droplets that mix with amylase, aka saliva, this mixture went in her little lungs and my daughter Lene  drowned in her own blood.

Trust me , this is not a very good way of dying, I would like to ask Mr. President Trump, if is OK for him to sleep in a garage with a diesel engine on, just to see if he can survive the night, maybe he can discuss later on twitter how real pollution is. Climate change, global worming and air pollution are linked, these 3 “reasons” are like “the holy Trinity” there is no God without Jesus.

The sad conclusion of this little story.

We have to be aware of what are we doing, we need to know how dangerous is this situation, for our children, for our future generation, and till we “agreed” with political party, lobbies, industries and “most of all with “corruption” we have fully complicit in this “Crime against Humanity”

So when you think of buying an electric car, think twice, and ask the seller “how much pollute my car” is it convenient to kill your son, your daughter for a brand new “Tesla” This is not any more a matter of which kind of “combustion” engine we are using to drive, everything pollutes… everything, even my farts….

I’m the father

Now, I’m the father of my little pumpkins, she is not here anymore and honestly, i just would like to die, I invested time, energy and money to stop polluting, and i choose to play my guitar to earn money, if i play a guitar i do not produce any shit to reverse in this world, i just produce a bit of noise over a radio…. but nobody like to listen to my stories in Italy… is called corruption, it’s easier to hide the truth then face the consequences of our “bloody did”

Last question, please answer me honestly: What would you do if you were in my shoes?

I apologize for my Written English i hope is clear.

Here a couple of song written in Italian, i was hoping to get to the point, i spent 5 years of my life learning how to play the guitar in order to “talk” about polluting as less as possible, i apply for “hundreds” of competition, but every time the answer has always been the same… “sorry we are really not interested in this sad stories….” They just need money”

how much it cost in terms of money a human life???

This is even worse then what we think, Lancet evaluated 50 thousand euros (it is the EU standard) the financial weight of every single death. On this basis, the particulate matter cost Italy 20 million euros in 2016, compared to over 45 thousand premature deaths. It is the worst result in Europe, where the total account is close to 130 million euros.

So i have a hope, maybe because it’s just a matter of money, some one, some where will “ask for a refund” isn’t it? A simple refund to calm the grief….. and maybe we will move forward… we will forget about his article, about Lene and about how “awful” human beings are.